Hello, my name is Anass EZ-ZOUAINE

I am a Lead Web Developer who is currently based in Meknes, Morocco.

Anass EZ-ZOUAINE smiling in a red plaid shirt and tortoise shell glasses

✔️ Problem Solver

Skilled at identifying and solving complex problems.

❤️‍🔥 Passionate Developer

Enthusiastic about programming and dedicated to creating high-quality software solutions.

⛹️ Good Team Player

Collaborative, supportive, and able to work effectively with others.

🕴️ Business acumen

Understanding of business processes, markets, and trends, and able to make informed decisions and identify growth opportunities.

🫂 Interpersonal Skills

Able to communicate effectively, build relationships, and collaborate in a team environment.

💡 Ability to Learn, Adapt and Grow

Continuously learning new skills, adapting to change, and taking on new challenges.

Selected Work

Take a look below at some of my featured work for clients from the past few years.


I have experience working with a wide range of technologies and tools. Here are a few of my favorites.